Artist Statement

Painting is my way of doing meditation, my soul searching process. Each colour has its own unique value and it express emotions that we all can understand. Like red express passion, blood, anger. But how each painting is interpreted by the viewer makes the painting unique. The same painting can be interpreted in 10 different ways by 10 viewers. This makes my paintings very dynamic. Let me explain with an example. We all have seen a beautiful rose, it has a wonderful blend of colours and well designed petals. The fragrance that we can feel, can it be expressed in canvas? may be yes. My paintings are those emotions that I see in life. Most of my paintings are reflections from life. Some are day to day experiences, while some are feelings , thoughts, emotions, mysteries.

I select my colours based on the emotions my canvas speaks to me. Most of the colours are bright and bold colours, and at the same time the brush stroke are too bold. I never mind if a colour is over lapping another colour. The simple reason being, we are not living in the universe in isolation. We do have our own unique colour, and at the same time we do inherit colours from our parents, relatives, friends, society and from our own country. The tradition, culture and the rituals we follow, do project our identity with our nature internally and externally.

Most of my paintings speak about life and its various hues. We all are different in so many entities, but our true self is the same. All humans are having the same fives senses, and we live our life with the five senses interwoven. A viewer of my paintings can be from any part of the world. But we all are one. Our home, culture, traditions, rituals, belief system are different. But internally, we are longing for peace and harmony. These two words are very vital for a personís wellbeing. My paintings do have a connecting link between you and me.